About ODES

Established in 2017, Shandong Odes Industry Co., Ltd. The Company is jointly funded by the Zibo Municipal State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission, and two other shareholders. As the industry leading intelligent manufacturers, the Company currently has approximately 150 employees, and its business covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world, serving tens of millions high-end consumers.

The Company’s factory is located in Fushan Bonded Logistics Park of Zibo High-tech Development Zone in Shandong Province. As an international comprehensive high-tech enterprise collected with products research and development, manufacturing and sales, it is committed to bringing the products with most advanced, cutting-edge and intelligent all-terrain vehicle series to every enterprise, every social organization and every family.

At present, the Company has completed the lineups of off-road vehicles from 120CC to 1000CC, which can be applied as not only recreational vehicle but also fire rescue vehicle, border patrol car, etc. The R&D and production for the whole series of products have already received the ISO9000 production management system certification, the EPA Certification and E-Mark Certification.

Since the establishment of the Company, the strategy of "going global" provides a new driving force, and continues to develop through participation in the big wave of international competition. For overseas development, the company has specifically established an independent international brand, and formed a relatively mature center of vehicle research and development, data processing center, modern assembly line, welding workshop, painting workshop and other one-stop platform for full-chain production and marketing. The products manufactured by the Company are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Our Mission
Bringing the joy and values to the customers
Our Vision
To create ODES as a distinct and bright cultural symbol
Our Values
Constantly innovate technology, encourage to challenge the authority, attach importance to the human resource, be good at listening to customers, equality and mutual benefit with suppliers.
Brand of Odes

Brands shall be synonymous with high-quality. Followed by the slogan that "The end of the road is not the end, but beyond", every Company’s generation has written the most brilliant intellectual manufacturing stories in China.

ODES is an abbreviate for Outdoor Equipments. Beyond road represents the vision of the brand and reflects the practice and cultivation of the first company’s generation of entrepreneurs in pursuit of excellent performance and the creation of high-quality outdoor equipment brands. Since its establishment, the company shall become the world's first-class high-end outdoor equipment manufacturers as the first and foremost goal.

The company's predecessor is Shandong Odes Import & Export Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2003, with the trademark registration of ODES. It is mainly engaged in product sales and brand promotion associated with ODES. With the acceleration of China's internationalization, the performance of China's intellectual manufacturing has attracted the world's attention, and the growing soil of state-owned brands has become increasingly rich. Accordingly, the company decided to adjust the strategy to enter the high-end outdoor equipment manufacturing industry, and thus began the process of self-developed off-road engines for outdoor equipment and the manufacturing of all-terrain products.

After the economic crisis in 2008 when western countries generally raise trade barriers, the Company faced with these unexpected difficulties and bravely rose to the challenge by constant adjustment of product structure and research and development of new products. By 2018, the Company completed the pedigree of off-raod engines for outdoor equipment and all-terrain vehicles. After taking 10 years to sharpen a sword, the every company’s generation insisted to go global as the mission, ODES condensed the emerging and maturing of Chinese brands with enduring great hardships in pioneer work, which just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. By creating excellent products with the craftsmanship and building brand with quality, the current brand of ODES has become a well-known brand in the off-road industry, and attracted the cooperation and attention of the world's top 500 strategic partners . Within a few 10 years to practice, the Company has completed a century of brand growth in western countries, which can be called a remarkable leap in the world's brand history.

We are working hard
To create values for customers.
Corporate with partners to provide innovative, leading, intelligent and secure products and road-driving solutions for all-terrain vehicle users; to provide intelligent and secure facilities and services for customers in the governmental and corporate industry to practically help drivers enjoy high-quality experience in personal work, life, transportation and entertainment.
To ensure secure driving.
ODES takes safe driving and road experience as the company's top priority and primary principle, and maintains better safety records by establishing a full-chain continuity management system, enhancing product quality, and building a solid brand.
To promote the high-quality development of the industry.
Adhering to the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win, the company cooperates with customers and partners to expand industrial value and create a healthy and high-quality industrial ecosystem. As the organizer and participant of many standards organizations, industrial alliances and clusters at home and abroad, ODES actively participates in and supports the establishment of mainstream standards and promote the orderly and high-quality development of the industry.
To promote sustainable development.
ODES staff has a strong sense of social responsibility to promote sustainable development of the industry. In terms of domestic major events, urban management, overseas rescue, assistance to underdeveloped regions and other sites can be found the figure of ODES name and employees. While the Company actively promotes green low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection, it also establishes a global platform to attract talents and promote intelligent manufacturing.
As China's economy turns to high-quality development currently, ODES is always on board of strengthen brand building, cultivate more excellent Chinese brands, and provide forceful support for high-quality economic development. In the future, ODES will continue to adhere to the enterprise concept of independence and innovation. On the basis of the brands of special engines for outdoor equipment and all-terrain vehicle products, the Company will continue to expand fields such as snowmobile, aviation aircraft and other products. The national industry of high-end outdoor equipment will be built in an all-round way as the best gold-lettered signboard, so that the new era of Chinese brand construction will be written with an increasingly wonderful story.
Corporate Events
In November 2003
ODES predecessor of Shandong Odes Import & Export Co., Ltd. was found,exporting off-road vehicles and parts.
In January 2004
ODES trademark was registered successfully .
In December 2005
the pedigree of ODES 400 CC all-terrain vehicle, Off-road utility vehicle, Dune BUGGY Model was completed respectively.
In May 2008
ODES predecessor established R&D Center for off-road utility vehicle in big displacement.
In July 2010
800CC Off-road utility vehicle was successfully developed and available to the public.
In June 2012
ODES predecessor established a sales and R&D subsidiary or branch in California of the United States.
In December 2015
ODES predecessor participated in the drafting of General Technical Requirements for all-terrain Vehicle Engines.
In August 2016
the pedigree of 800CC all-terrain vehicle, Off-road utility vehicle, and Dune BUGGY vehicle were completed respectively.
In October 2016
ODES predecessor cooperated with Russia's Izhevsk Snowmobile R&D Center to provide special engines for snowmobiles.
In June 2017
the Company was cited as the Engineering Technology Research Center of Liangzi all-terrain Vehicles in Zibo
In November 2017
Shandong Odes Industry Co,.Ltd is jointly funded by the Zibo Municipal State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission, and two other shareholders.
In November 2017
the Company became the President Unit of Zibo All-Terrain Vehicle Sports Association.
In June 2018
the Company was awarded "Shandong Sports Demonstration Unit" listed in Shandong Sports Bureau。
In December 2018
the pedigree of 1000CC all-terrain vehicle, Off-road utility vehicle, Dune BUGGY vehicle were completed respectively.
In May 2019
the Company independently developed 1000CC X Force series products as the first all-terrain vehicle with air-conditioned and full cabin in China.
In December 2019
the Company jointly established the Aeronautical Dynamics Development Center with the Ukrainian Institute of Aeronautics.
In 2020
with Zibo Science and Technology Bureau, Administrative committee of Zibo High-tech Zone, and Shandong University of Technology, the Company jointly established the Shandong Military and Civil Integration Intelligent Special Vehicle Research Institute.
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