ATV500/800 improving method for vehicle without sp


Open the front cover of the vehicle, find the speed limit alarm controller and remove it.


From the wireless side

The two-dimensional plan is as follows


Cut the No. 4 wire and wrap it with insulating tape at both ends


Strip the No. 9 wire to reveal the core wire about 4mm


Cut the No. 10 wire, connect one end near the plug to the stripped portion of the No. 9 wire,

and wrap it with insulating tape; the other end is wrapped with insulating tape.


After wrapping the wiring harness with insulating tape, install it in the original car position.


I.The ATV500 / ATV800 speed limit controller is installed in the same position on the vehicle. The ATV800 speed limit controller has a 4-hole plug connector more than the ATV500 speed limit controller, but the modification method is the same.

ATV500 speed limit controller

ATV800 speed limit controller

II. The later gear controller adds the speed limit output line detection function (it can detect whether it is connected to the ECU or the key power), you can directly cut the speed limit output line, the speed limit output line at the controller end is directly connected to the key Just go online.

III. After 2019, the ATV800 directly swapped the two connectors on the right side of the front panel and bound to the bumper lining.

As shown in the figure, the plugging method is to release the speed limit, and the two plug-ins are swapped, which is the speed limit state.