ATV800 Reassembling process

assemble process

1. Clean the area before next ATV package arrive, take off the plastic bag, and check if there is damaged or cracked. In order for safety and avoid to damage parts, need 2 Workers to take off the metal crate cover.

Dismantling of iron frame

Shelf disassembly

2.Remove the metal crate cover, and release all the bolts.(When removing the upper cover, take care to remove the rear shelf)

3. Remove the vertical bracing,Check the car accessories are complete;(Instruction Manual、Tool Kit、Seat、Battery、Tow Arm、Four tires、Rearview mirror、Handlebar Center Shield、Trailer head、Trailer Hitch Pin、Trailer Hitch Dowel,Tractor instruction、 Barometers、Thread fastening glue、2-Tag、Electric lock key)

Fixed disassembly of complete vehicle

4.Check the engine and frame nameplates to see if they meet the requirements

5. Remove the vehicle retaining bolts and Binding wire.

6. Remove the vehicle from the base of the packing frame by means of an aerial crane(Pay attention to the suspension position of the whole vehicle according to the requirement).

Truck suspension

7. Inflate the tire to 14 PSI(If the tire is not mounted on the car, take it off in advance and inflate it).

8. Unscrew the handlebars and adjust the handlebars to their proper position. Tighten the bolts;remove the hexagon pattpan pan head screw from the middle part of the handlebar and secure the handlebar center shield to the middle part of the handlebar.

Handlebar adjustment

9. Remove the rear shelf bolts(M8x16) from the frame and fix the rear shelf;Install the rear glove compartment cover,Torque 22N.m

10. put the back seat in plac.

11. Assemble the assembled rear trailer arm on the rear part of the frame,Tighten with M8x25bolts,Torque 22N.m.

12.Connect the battery to the harness, add the right amount of gasoline, light it and change gears for a simple test drive